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We Strive For Compliance

We at RMA work hard to ensure our team not only works efficiently, but also effectively and ethically. With comprehensive ongoing traning for our tea, our observance of the best interest of our clients as well as those we contact is paramount to our longevity in the turbultent skies of our industry. In addition to our training, we rely on technology to assist. While all calls inbound and outbound are recorded, they are regularly used for traning and compliance purposes.

RMA Recovery Group provides industry-leading debt collection services. If for any reason you would like to report an issue or problem, we encourage you to use the form below. Each inquiry is important to us. We will make every effort to contact you regarding this issue as soon as possible.

Q: Why do you call my cell phone?

We utilize phone numbers as provided by our clients and as collected through skip tracing. With any number, just requesting us not to call a number for any reason will stop the calls to it once we are made aware of your request. This can be done by calling us, emailing us, or using the form on this page. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to purge your number from our system completely.

Q: May I make payments towards my balance?

Yes. While our clients dictate the length of payment arrangements and minimum payments, we are ultimately here to help you clear these accounts. One of our representatives will walk you through your options for a payment arrangement.

Q: Will paying this off help my credit?

While we are not credit report or credit recovery specialists, we may not provide insight on the specific impacts against your credit. We will however report back to our client immediately upon resolution, and they will take the appropriate steps to append any credit reporting needed against the account.

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