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A Review Of the Amazing Services We Offer

We understand that debt collection isn’t the best use of your accounting resources, which is why our clients chose RMA Recovery Group to provide collection services for small businesses, commercial entities, medical professionals, municipalities and other service providers.

As part of our services collection, RMA Recovery provides both pre-legal and legal proceedings. Our aggressive but caring staff handle each unique case, catering recovery methods to every business, client and account.

Compliance with the top industry standards drives our proven, measured results administered by a professional, full-service team.

We will eliminate the burden and hassle of the entire collections process, providing comprehensive collection services from start to finish.

With custom notices, secure pay portals and electronic skip tracing services, we have the solutions to your debt recovery issues.

RMA Recovery Group Services
Small Business

The longer an account stays negative, the more it will impact your bottom line. With fast-thinking professional services provided by our knowledgeable and trained staff, we can help you recover faster and with greater results.

Commercial Services

Utilizing our thorough staff of collections experts lets your Accounts Receivables department do its primary job. Let our dedicated staff track down those unpaid invoices, leaving you with peace of mind.

Medical Collections

It’s our belief that every individual deserves the highest level of respect in the collections process. We respect patients and their providers, which is why we provide recovery services to compliment your business.

Utility & Service Collections

We are experienced in utility, service and retail collections as well as consumer debt recovery for both secure and unsecure debt. RMA Recovery Group is fully licensed and bonded.


Pre-collections actions are a pivotal point in the recovery process. Our early placement programs and flexible payment options give each client the opportunity to settle their account status without legal measures.


From notice letters to payment plans, all pre-legal options for debt recovery can be handled by our team. Our staff lends its expertise to each client, customizing a plan to recover your bottom line and help them out of debt.

If you have questions, we are here to answer them all.

Please give us a call, send us an email, or use our web based contact system!